MMF is widely used in the municipal and industrial water treatment industries to reduce the turbidity and suspended particle levels within raw water supplies. 


A number of media types can be used, either a single media such as the Xion Water supplied Advanced Filter Media (AFM) or multiple media’s used together, often comprising of anthracite, sand and garnet. In systems where multiple media types are used they are filled into the filter vessel in stratified layers. The coarser media will be at top and each layer gets progressively finer. This graduation in media sizes allows the full depth of the bed to be used to capture suspended particles improving the system efficiency and run time. 


Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) 


GAC can be used for a variety of roles including removal of: 


  • Chlorine and chloramines 
  • Pesticides and other chemical compounds 

  • Taste and colour taints 


GAC has a highly porous structure that provides a large surface area for compounds to be adsorbed and removed from the water stream.  


Iron & Manganese Removal Media 


A range of media is available for the oxidation/catalytic reduction and filter removal of: 


  • Soluble ferrous iron and manganese 
  • Insoluble ferric iron and manganese
  • Colloidal iron 
  • Organic iron 


Other Media


Xion Water stock and supply a wide range of filter media for common and specialised roles. Contact us today and allow our technical team to help.



Multi-Media Filtration (MMF)