Reverse Osmosis

Each RO application is different and Xion Water have the inhouse expertise to design, build, install and commission RO systems to suit your exacting needs. 

Using scalable and modular components a RO system can be designed to suit any flow rate requirement. Incorporating variable speed drives, energy recovery devices and bespoke PLC control logic will create a highly efficient and automated RO system.  

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The C series is an economical system fitted with pressure switches to protect the system from low feed pressure. Flow and pressure gauges are also fitted to allow monitoring of the system performance. The unit includes an integrated carbon filter for chlorine and particulate removal. The C series is designed to run at 75% recovery, in areas of high hardness
pre-treatment with a softener is required.​

The D series is the largest standard RO design in the Xion Water Portfolio. The RO uses 8” membranes for high permeate volumes and reduced installation costs. The unit includes a skid mounted particulate filter and monitoring/display of vital plant parameters such a pressure, flow and conductivity. Typical system recovery is 75%, dependant on onsite water chemistry. To improve water efficiency a high recovery module can be added to each RO to recover a proportion of the concentrate stream bringing overall recovery to 85-90% depending on water chemistry​.